Open Source Software is important to The Walt Disney Company. Disney has established an Open Source Program to encourage our developers to utilize Open Source, contribute to Open Source projects, and to release software as Open Source. We’ve created this site to highlight Disney’s Open Source projects. We encourage you to explore our projects and we welcome your collaboration and contributions. This is just the beginning; there’s more to come, so stay tuned!

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JERI image
JERI Viewer

The JERI Viewer is an easy-to-use, interactive component that can be embedded in websites and web-based documents for viewing JavaScript Extended-Range Images.


meteor-base is a base Docker image for use by Meteor apps built using a multistage Dockerfile.


Groovity image

Groovity is a modular scripting language and runtime built on open source foundations including the Java™ Programming Language and virtual machine, and the Groovy scripting language and compiler. Groovity is typically used by software developers to create server-side applications such as web sites and REST APIs using a variety of convenience features that reduce development cycles and code complexity.

MaterialX image

MaterialX is an open standard for transfer of rich material and look-development content between applications and renderers. Originated at Lucasfilm in 2012, MaterialX has been used by Industrial Light & Magic in feature films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and real-time experiences such as Trials on Tatooine.

Universal Scene Description (USD) image
Universal Scene Description (USD)

Universal Scene Description (USD) is the first publicly available software that addresses the need to robustly and scalably interchange and augment arbitrary 3D scenes that may be composed from many elemental assets.


A hubot script to perform Service Now API record lookups.


The Cucumber Slices Plugin is a Maven Plugin for parallel testing of Cucumber scenarios. The plugin can be used in combination with either the Maven Surefire Plugin or the Maven Failsafe Plugin.

OpenSubdiv logo

OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high performance subdivision surface (subdiv) evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. This code path is optimized for drawing deforming surfaces with static topology at interactive framerates.


munki is a set of tools that, used together with a webserver-based repository of packages and package metadata, can be used by OS X administrators to manage software installs (and in many cases removals) on OS X client machines.

OpenEXR logo

OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications.


The ruby-jss project provides the JSS module, a Ruby framework for interacting with the REST API of the JAMF Software Server (JSS), the core of the Casper Suite, from JAMF Software, LLC. The module abstracts API objects as Ruby classes, which interact to allow simpler automation of Casper-related tasks.

SeExpr logo

SeExpr is a simple expression language that we use to provide artistic control and customization to our core software. We use it for procedural geometry synthesis, image synthesis, simulation control, and much more.

Alembic logo

Alembic is an open computer graphics interchange framework. Alembic distills complex, animated scenes into a non-procedural, application-independent set of baked geometric results. This 'distillation' of scenes into baked geometry is exactly analogous to the distillation of lighting and rendering scenes into rendered image data.

Ptex logo

Ptex is a texture mapping system for production-quality rendering. We present a simple generalized impact model motivated by both the successes and pitfalls of two popular approaches: pair-wise propagation and linear complementarity models. Our algorithm is the first to satisfy all identified desiderata, including simultaneously guaranteeing symmetry preservation, kinetic energy conservation, and allowing break-away.

Partio logo

Partio is an open source C++ library for reading, writing and manipulating a variety of standard particle formats (GEO,BGEO,PTC,PDB,PDA). It also has a python API and a collection of simple command-line tools. Licensed under the BSD license.

Dragonchain image

The Dragonchain platform attempts to simplify integration of real business applications onto a blockchain. Providing features such as easy integration, protection of business data, fixed 5 second blocks, currency agnosticism, and interop features, Dragonchain shines a new and interesting light on blockchain technology.